Mission Statement

Our Core Values

  • A Leading Force in Southern Illinois Construction

    Zeller Construction is one of the largest construction, construction management, and design build contractors in Southern Illinois. Zeller has a proven track record for delivering large and challenging projects on time and within budget. Zeller is known throughout Southern Illinois as an organization built on honesty and integrity. The Zeller approach to detailed and methodical planning translates into "no surprises" for our clients. Zeller employees are dedicated, have high expectations based on the company's past success, and bring a sense of urgency to every project.

    A Leading Force in Southern Illinois Construction
  • Uncompromising Commitment to Quality and Safety

    Zeller has experienced personnel available to handle any size job. Our valued employees together as a team are there to provide our clients with the highest commitment to quality. Zeller employees are committed to performing work in the safest manner possible, consistent with good construction practices. As a result, Zeller’s safety record is consistently better than the industry average. Safety is a determining factor in almost every facet of Zeller’s work.

    Uncompromising Commitment to Quality and Safety

Innovation in Action

  • Focused on delivering on schedule

  • Committed to delivering high-quality construction

  • Built on a foundation of honesty and integrity

We Build Building and Great Homes.

We successfully cope with tasks of varying complexity, provide long-term guarantees and regularly master new technologies.

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